Wie is Bernoldus Niemand? [1985]

01. Hou My Vas Korporaal 2:47

02. Welcome To My Car 3:58
03. Marie Ferrari 3:34
04. Die Boksburg Bommer 3:01
05. Snor City 4:28

01. East Rand Blues 3:00

02. My Broken Heart 2:09
03. Visse 2:46
04. Tribute To Jody 3:21
05. Reggae Vibes Is Cool 6:36

* Cassette Version released with title “Hou My Vas Korporaal”

Vocals – Bernoldus Niemand & the Shifty choir
Guitars – Lloyd Ross, James Phillips & Bernoldus
Bass – Lloyd Ross
Keyboards – James Phillips, Lloyd Ross
Drums – DMX, Ian Herman, Warrick Sony
Percussion – Dan Chiorboli
Horns – Rick van Heerden (alto solos), Hanepoot van Tonder (trombone), Fritz van Vereeniging (alto), Warrick Sony (trombone on “East Rand Blues”
Cover illustration – Mzwakhe Nhlabatsi
Graphic design & inner sleeve – The Graphic Equalizer
Engineer & Producer – Lloyd Ross
Inspiration – South Africa and its people
Special thanks to Ivan Kadey for his endless patience

All songs by Bernoldus Niemand except “Welcome to my car” by Jonathan Handley.


Baie min informasie oor Suid-Afrika se nuwe fenomeen, Bernoldus Niemand, is opdie oomblik beskikbaar. Verskeie verslae het in die pers al verskyn maar hulle het nie baie oor Niemand die man gesê nie.

Bernoldus is ‘n baie moelike ou om in die hande te kry, en om ‘n gesprek te organiseer is heeltemal ontmoontlik. Nietemin het ons sy suster Marie Niemand (16) opgespoor, en sy het die volgende gesê oor haar gehiemsinnige broer…

“I really don’t know why Bernoldus still stays in Springs, he says it gives him persperation or something. He always looked after me ‘specially when I was little. Every Sunday evening he used to take me to Derde Straat where the ou’s park their tjors and bikes after spending the whole day cleaning them. I used to earn bucks polishing hupcaps and things so’s I could buy Texans for ‘Noldus. Then when I was older he used to tell Ma and Pa that he was taking me to make coffee at band practice, but he would let me go to the disco with Cheryl and Suzette instead. He was always my hero. All my school chommies loved him, but sometimes he used to go all quiet you know, like he had a mood. He used to call it a ‘dinkbreek’, then he’d go and write one of his chune’s.

I skeem sometimes, you know, that he’s going to be a big star and live in Hollywood or Sandton and the only time we’ll see him is when we go to the CNA and see his poster on the wall.”

Koop hierdie album en ons is seker jy sal saam met Marie stem.


Live At Jamesons  [1985]

01. Toasted Takeaways 4:26

02. Van 4:43
03. Shot Down 2:51
04. R45 Perm 2:47
05. D-Luxe 3:18

01. Do The Lurch 5:10

02. See My Baby 4:09
03. Thats My Shirt 4:12
04. Positive 5:25

Recorded live at Jamesons, Johannesburg, July 1985.

Drums – Richard Frost
Bass – Lee Edwards
Guitar & Vocals – James Phillips
Sound by Richie & Roger
P.A. supplied by Midnite Flyer
Engineered, Mixed and Produced by Lloyd Ross
Arrangements – The Cherry Faced Lurchers
Recorded by Shifty Mobile Studio on 2-Track (Digital)
Cover photograph – Henion Han
Graphic design & inner sleeve – The Graphic Equalizer

The Voice of Nooit [1986] * Cassette Only

01. Corporal Punishment – Brain Damage 2:29
02. Corporal Punishment – City (Part 1) 2:18
03. Corporal Punishment- Goddess Of Depression 2:04
04. Corporal Punishment – Johnny’s Conscience 4:19
05. Corporal Punishment – Darky 2:27
06. Corporal Punishment – You Must Be Crazy 3:40
07. Corporal Punishment – In The Night 2:14
08. Corporal Punishment – City (Part 2) 2:57
09. Corporal Punishment – Victims Victim 3:08
10. Corporal Punishment – Rock And Rolls Royce 2:06

Corporal Punishment was born and raised in the East Rand mining town of Springs during the SA “new wave” of ’78. This is a collection of practically all the recorded material that exists of the band. Darky and the City (1) were recorded at a 4-track studio in ’79. Brain Damage, In The Night, Johnny’s Conscience and Rock and Rolls Royce were recorded live onto 2-track at Satbel Studio in 1980. City (2), You Must Be Crazy and Goddess Of Depression were recorded at an infant Shifty Studio’s late in ’82. Victims Victim was recorded at MC Studio’s (8-track) in ’79.

Corporal Punishment were:
Karl Helgard – bass, guitar, vocals
James Phillips – guitar, vocals
Mark Bennet – keyboards, vocals
Henry Jansen – drums
Herbie Parkin – sometimes bass

01 Illegal Gathering – Johnny Cool 3:58
02 Illegal Gathering – Addicted To You 2:14
03 Illegal Gathering – Take Me Away 2:08
04 Illegal Gathering – The Voice Of Nooit! 3:26
05 Illegal Gathering – Holiday Round-About 2:24
06 Illegal Gathering – Wind-up Lollipop 2:17
07 Illegal Gathering – Rock And Roll 0:56
08 Illegal Gathering – Hou My Vas 1:34
09 Illegal Gathering – Willie Smit (Interviewed) 0:57
10 Illegal Gathering – Button Your Lip 3:38
11 Illegal Gathering – Changing My World 1:52
12 Illegal Gathering – National Hero 2:28

In 6 weeks during the Cape Town summer of ’85 Illegal Gathering wrote most of these songs, rehearsed them, performed them, recorded them on a Teac Portastudio (4-track cassette recorder) and narrowly escaped arrest for smoking at the Glass Theatre. The Voice of Nooit was a by-product of this gathering. It was adapted from a poem originally submitted to the Palladium fanzine, by James.

Illegal Gathering were:
Karl Helgard – guitar, vocals
James Phillips – guitar, vocals
David Ledbetter – bass, guitar, vocals
Wayne Raath – drums

All songs were written by James or Karl or both.

The Otherwhite Album  [1992]

Complete Works 85 – 89 * Cassette Only

01. Detainees
02. Heavy Ous
03. D-Luxe
04. Barbed Wire
05. Soon Be Over
06. The Branch
07. War Song
08. The Kerels
09. Shout
10. Better Way

01. Toasted Take-Aways
02. Van
03. Shot Down
04. R45 Perm
05. Desolation Angels
06. Gee Whiz
07. Do The Lurch
08. See My Baby
09. That’s My Shirt
10. Positive

with The Lurchers: Sunny Skies [1994]

01. Why Can’t We (Love One Another) 3:41
02. (Sing No More) Love Songs 4:42
03. War Song 3:22
04. Shout 3:33
05. (I Want The World To) Start Again 4:41
06. Pearls and Swine 5:20
07. Money 2:59
08. Hey everybody 4:31
09. 3 Force Blues 3:46
10. Moses 5:55
11. Fun’s Not Over 3:30
12. Tabane 4:12

Willem Moller Guitar
Paul Hanmer Keyboards
Lee Edwards Bass
Lloyd Martin Drums
James Phillips Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Bruce Cassidy Trumpet & Flugel Horn
Gavin Minter Tenor
Dan Selsick Trombone
Rick van Heerden Tenor & Alto

Wendy Oldfield
Gloria Bosman
Joanna Weinberg
Jenny de Lenta

Cover: “Huis Met Witboom” by Walter Meyer, oil on canvas, courtesy Aurelio de Gasparis. Photo Wayne Oosthuizen.
Production: Moller & Ross
Buttons Pusher: Ross
Mixing: Ross
Arrangements: Phillips
Horn Arrangements: Phillips/Hanmer
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Valley Studio, Bertrams, Johannesburg 24 Sept – Oct 1993
Special thanks: Bruce, Warrick Sony, Gal, Hamish, Wayne, Walter & The Newtown Gallery, Wendy, Speedy Carlo, Nelson, Leon, Andrew, Wits for the Steinway, Peter for the carpet, Pete C, Robbie, Lloyd & God.
Bless Africa and all the fans & Ancestors.
All songs by James Phillips

Made in South Africa [1995]

01. Goddess (Raubenheimer) Corporal Punishment 2:08
02. D-Luxe (Phillips) The Cherry Faced Lurchers 3:54
03. The Branch (Phillips) The Cherry Faced Lurchers 5:06
04. Toasted Take Away (Phillips) The Cherry Faced Lurchers 4:26
05. Fun’s Not Over (Phillips) James Phillips & The Lurchers 3:29
06. Johnny Cool (Raubenheimer) Illegal Gathering 4:08
07. Barbed Wire (Phillips) The Cherry Faced Lurchers 3:21
08. Welcome To My Car (Jonathan Handley) Bernoldus Niemand 4:01
09. Rock And Rolls Royce (Phillips) Corporal Punishment 2:08
10. Africa Is Dying (Phillips) James Phillips 3:20
11. Willie Smit (Phillips/Raubenheimer) Illegal Gathering 0:51
12. Warsong (Phillips) James Phillips & The Lurchers 3:21
13. Detainees (Phillips) The Cherry Faced Lurchers 4:11
14. Shot Down (Phillips) The Cherry Faced Lurchers 2:53
15. Brain Damage (Phillips) Corporal Punishment 2:32
16. Do The Lurch (Phillips) The Cherry Faced Lurchers 5:11
17. Money (Phillips) James Phillips & The Lurchers 3:02
18. Darkie (Phillips/Raubenheimer) Corporal Punishment 2:27
19. Where Will You Be (Phillips) James Phillips 2:32
20. Moses (Phillips) James Phillips & The Lurchers 5:58
21. Tabane (Phillips) James Phillips & The Lurchers 4:12

Soul Ou [1997]

Originally recorded as a demo, this session turned out to be the definitive example of the essential James Phillips: a single instrument and voice, intimate and emotional. Recorded in a two-hour session in 1991, it was only released soon after his death some five years later. The songs span a large chunk of his writing career, from his time as a student in Grahamstown in 1983 to new compositions that would end up on the “Sunny Skies” release in 1994.

01. Africa Is Dying 3:22
02. Polling Day 4:13
03. See How The Wind Blows 2:02
04. Light Me A Light 1:39
05. Where Will You Be 2:29
06. Pearls & Swine 3:58
07. Sages 2:30
08. Heaven 3:03
09. Loving Feeling 2:05
10. Little Lies 2:33
11. The Fun’s Not Over 2:39

Recorded by Lloyd Ross at Shifty Studios, Johannesburg

Cherry Faced Lurchers - The Otherwhite Album

The Otherwhite Album  [2021]

‘The Otherwhite Album’ was originally recorded in ‘86/87 and was destined to be the definitive South African rock album. Originally only ever released as an elusive cassette tape, the album was unearthed in 2020 during the worldwide Covid-19 lockdown and remixed by Lloyd Ross with input from Lee Edwards, Richard Frost, Mark Bennet, Steve Howells & Jannie van Tonder.

Now, 34 years later, Shifty Records + Permanent Record are thrilled to share the resulting album with the world. The package contains extensive liner notes edited by Shaun de Waal with contributions by original ‘Lurchers’ and friends close to the project.

01. Detainees
02. Heavy Ous
03. D-Luxe
04. Barbed Wire
05. Soon Be Over
06. The Branch
07. War Song
08. The Kerels
09. Shout
10. Better Way